Mettlach/VB Ges Gesch Vase

Mettlach/VB Ges Gesch Vase

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Very rare, large 14″ tall, and wonderful Mettlach/Villeroy and Boch Etched Matte VaseThere are four panels in four colors encircling this stunning Art Nouveau classic vase. Purchased directly from Germany some years ago, this could be the showpiece of your collection. Marked on the bottom is the castle, and the word METTLACH on a sign.  Under those markings are the VB (Villeroy and Boch) lettering, GES.GESCH, and the number 2913. Also, there is a number 1 on the lower left, and 05 on the lower right. It is in factory perfect condition. Please see our full collection of Mettlach turn of the century items.

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