Tiger Rug Pine Cone-Fern

Tiger Rug Pine Cone-Fern

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We purchased this Tiger Rug at the Grove Park Inn years ago. They’ve been freshly cleaned and are in excellent condition, please see photos.

Made in Nepal, this 108.00 x 72.00 in Tiger Rug China Tree-Winter rug is part of their Craftsman Collection and is based on authentic designs and motifs.  Creating a Tiger Rug  is a labor of passion and love. The journey begins as the wool is treckked by yak over the Himalayans, to the weaving facility in Nepal. Here it is washed by hand, in preparation for carding. Before it can be cleaned and combed, it has to be air dried. Then, master artisans gently untangle and straighten the fibers, in preparation for spinning. Using ancient techniques, the wool is spun entirely by hand, creating textured, uneven yarn – sought after by connoisseurs around the world. In small, controlled batches, the yarn is then hand-dyed with vibrant colors.
The weaving of a Tiger Rug is truly a sight to behold, as masters weavers call upon their natural artistic gifts. With patience and razor-sharp skill, they create each Tiger Rug to be a masterpiece for today – and an heirloom for generations to come.

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