Rookwood Hentschel Carved Matte Floor Vase

Rookwood Hentschel Carved Matte Floor Vase

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At 20" tall and about 9" wide, this rare and one of a kind vase was made in 1913 by one of Rookwood's greatest artists. It has a tulip design with leaves and a burgundy background around the neck of the vase. Matte turquoise glaze as the base color.  This huge vase would have a commanding presence in your Arts and Crafts collection!

There is a 5-6" line extending from the base to the bottom of the vase. Also a few minor scuffs and glaze variations, as pictured.  In otherwise good condition. Marked on the bottom with the Rookwood mark, Hentschel's signature, the number 14 and the year 'XIII'. 

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