Rookwood Scenic Vellum

Rookwood Scenic Vellum

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This wonderful Rookwood Scenic Vellum is in factory original condition. It is decorated all around with trees, water, and mystical mountains. An area in the foreground is green. It is 7.25” tall. The top opening is 3.75” and the bottom width is 4.75”. I’ve been under the impression (Peck’s 2nd Book of Rookwood Pottery) that it was decorated by Josephine Zettle but she was not working there at the time. It has been suggested to me that it’s more likely that it was decorated by Charles J McLaughlin which I now believe to be true. Besides the signature-the bottom is marked with the Rookwood mark, V, E and production #1358. This vase has normal crazing and upon close visual examination in sunlight-I am able to see multiple factory kiln induced tiny inward glaze pops on the top two inches. These tiny pops are so insignificant that you’d really have to look for them and are pretty much impossible to photograph. When I enlarge the photos and try to find them- I am unable to see them. There are no chips, cracks or other imperfections and the Pine trees are very well done.

This great vase will make a great addition to your Rookwood collection!

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